tar|mac1 [ˈta:mæk US ˈta:r-] n trademark
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: Tarmac, a trademark, from tarmacadam 'tarmac' (19-20 centuries), from tar + macadam 'smooth hard road surface' (19-20 centuries) (from John L. McAdam (1756-1836), Scottish engineer who invented the process)]
1.) also tar|ma|cad|am BrE [ˌta:məˈkædəməUSçˌta:r- US ˌta:r-]
a mixture of ↑tar and very small stones, used for making the surface of roads
= ↑asphalt
2.) the tarmac
an area covered with tarmac outside airport buildings
on the tarmac
Journalists waited on the tarmac to question him.
tarmac 2
tarmac2 past tense and past participle tarmacked present participle tarmacking
v [T]
to cover a road's surface with tarmac

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